What is The Innis Legacy?

And who is this Kit person anyways?

These are both very wonderful questions. So wonderful, in fact, that I decided to make a post about them. How much more wonderful can they be, right?

01-29-16_9-13-58 PM2
Kit McDonald

Kit McDonald, aka “Me, Myself, and I”, is a woman of many interests and loves. From tabletop roleplaying games to learning a new recipe, she’s always had the inspiration to absorb any skills and talents she can from the most unlikely of situations. As a decent baker, cake decorator, graphic artist, editor/writer, mother, and secretary, she prefers to learn on the go! What does this have to do with a legacy? Well, I’m getting to that!

Kit finished the draft of her first book “Kit Only Human” in high school. It was a fictional political story about vampires (because they were all the rage back then) and the life of a girl named Kit living in a human concentration camp. Later in college, she revisited the draft for a NaNoWriMo event. Unfortunately for her, floppy disks weren’t very dependable and the poor Kit cried herself to sleep that night. But that wasn’t the end of her stories. She wrote two more books during various NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Months) that helped mold her writing style and character creation. They are irrelevant, however.

Back on topic! Approximately a decade ago, Kit was in an MMO that shall not be named on a certain roleplaying server that also shouldn’t be named, where she stumbled on a character that came to life. Kit found herself daydreaming new worlds and stories, every single one of them falling back into the web that inevitably created a legacy. Her name was Innis. Innis, to avoid spoilers too much, was a character that quite literally toyed with the lives of many characters in Kit’s homemade universe.

Through a multitude of video games and short stories, Kit found herself obsessed with Innis. Just a little twist here of drama, a pinch of nefarious plot, and then the Innis moving the pawns. It wasn’t until 2005 that Kit started playing The Sims on a more regular basis. Starting with The Sims 2, she quickly saw herself manipulating and toying with the lives of her characters playing out captivating stories. She couldn’t help but rub her hands together greedily once she had her hands on The Sims 3, the open world was her canvas to literally create exactly as she wanted.

Then, The Sims 4 released. Kit was ecstatic! Emotions for her Sims meant she could torture them and actually see it. (The Kit may or may not like torturing Sims.) Her second character created was Innis who, at this point, had adopted the first name of Abigail. Utilizing the background created in The Sims 3, Kit flushed out the new generation of her Sims.

Abigail Innis_zpsvx02wu3p
Abigail Innis

The Innis Legacy is a family tree so departed from the original, developed through the actions of the characters, and written in a young adult fiction form. The story encompasses not just one household, but the extended family as they live and die throughout the world of The Sims 4 (and perhaps other iterations further). It will not include content that is not safe for work.

Making this blog is a major step for my life, as little as it is. It is a public commitment to creative writing in a non-profit form, an escape from the breakfast making and diaper changing norm, and an artistic outlet to share with my friends. Thank you for reading!


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