Generation 1: Part 2

Abigail watched as the large U-Hauls roared by. Lifting another cup of tea to her lips, she settled one ankle over the other, relaxed back comfortably into her lawn chair. An exhale escaped her lips as the chilled green tea with a touch of honey smoothly slip down her throat. Just down the street she could hear the whooping of a couple of children at the park and sometimes she would stroll on by to watch them so carefree. Her neighborhood was still very quaint but these children must have come across the bridge to enjoy the fresh air.

The woman began her walk. The air was chilly and could only be described as the very first breezes of autumn nipping at your nose. It made her smile a little. Two boys and a girl were playing on the jungle gym. One of them were pointing and laughing at an adult waving their arms menacingly and kraken-like. An adorable sight. But one woman didn’t seem to be enjoying the view.

Abigail approached the park table and slipped in, folding her skirt underneath her upper thighs. “Hey…” She gave a cautious tilt of her head to get a view of the woman’s gaze. “Are you alright?” She raised an eyebrow, observing the dark haired woman frowning at the children.

08-08-15_6-36 AM

“Yeah. I’m fine.” The woman grunted, shaking her head, then realizing how rude she was, she turned to Abigail and apologized quickly. “I… Oh, man, I’m sorry.”

Abigail waved the rudeness away with a pleasant grin. “No! Don’t worry about it! Hi, I’m Abigail. Some people call me Abby…” She leaned in closer, giving a small playful smirk. “… but they don’t live very long.”

The woman blinked at her, eyes widened, then she gave out a loud laugh. Her hand jolted out to Abigail’s shoulder and brushed over it, another wiping a tear of joy away from her cheek. “Oh, that’s great! Ha ha… thanks… I needed that laugh.” After another boisterous chuckle, she offered a handshake. “Hi. I’m Suzanne. Suzanne Worley. I live across the bridge.”

Abigail gave a nod. “I can see that. Not many houses have been built around here yet.”

“That’s because not all of us can afford the luxury of living in Newcrest! You must be the cat’s meow, huh?” Suzanne slipped a shoulder bump to her new friend with a giggle.

Abigail smiled. It was the first time she had actually talked to anyone since her move. “Yeah… Well, my family inheritance bought me the land.” In response to Suzanne’s raised eyebrow, she stammered. “Not much though! Just, you know, just enough.”

“Hey now, if you don’t want to tell people you’re Miss Moneybags, I won’t tell!” Suzanne tossed her hands up in a joking manner. “As long as you slip a little Simoleon my way here and there…” Another joke, although Abigail wasn’t too sure she liked them. Her nose wrinkled just a little, but she let it pass off.

They sat there for about half an hour talking about the neighborhood gossip. Before long, Suzanne stood up and put her hands on her hips. “You know what we should do? We should go out clubbing sometime. Have you been to Willow Creek yet?” Abigail shook her head so she continued. “Well, it’s a bit of a backwater town, kinda rural, but it’s got a few good places to check out. One of them is The Blue Velvet nightclub. You in?”

08-08-15_6-39 AM

Abigail considered the thought. Sure, it was nice to meet this new woman, but could she really trust her? Then again, she hadn’t been out of her house except for meeting her agent for negotiations. Finally, Suzanne gave a snap of her fingers.

“Hey, Moneybags, you with me?” It was a genuine concern in her eyes, so Abigail gave a reassuring smile and nodded. “Yeah. I think that sounds like fun. But only if you don’t call me that.” She pointed out. Both of them had a chuckle and both of them waved their goodbyes.


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