Generation 1: Part 3

The room smelled of smoke and sweat, not very pleasing for the appetite of greasy nacho chips that the bartender offered the two ladies. Abigail flipped her hair over the shoulder of her leather jacket and gave a long sigh. She sideglanced Suzanne next to her at the bar as her friend took another sip of her drink.

“So… this is… something!” Abigail smiled nervously. Her friend shifted with a sigh and looked over to the radio blaring music. A man with chocolate brown hair suavely brushed his palm against his forehead to slick back any stray locks before offering her a wink. The nervous smile grew slightly larger. But for some reason, he stood up immediately after and made his way down the bar with a drink in hand. He plopped into his new seat and began to flirtily introduce himself to a rather uninterested middle-aged lady.

Abigail stood up from her seat and rose her arms over her head, stretching lengthwise as she glanced around the room. It was a simple nightclub, one or two neon lights indicating drinks of various kinds, a few jazz art pieces, and a dining area with piano centerpiece. A woman with velvety red hair crooned a romantic tune to a nearly empty room.

08-08-15_7-21 AM

“It blows!” Suzanne exclaimed, then jumped up from her seat with a frown. “Maybe we should just head out? I really doubt this place is going to get much better… We could hang out at my place?” She turned her brown eyes down to Abigail and gave a hopeful raise of her eyebrow, but Abigail just shrugged. “Ya know, or maybe your place?”

Abigail quickly shook her head and waved a hand in front of her. “No no no! I don’t think that’d be a good idea.” Suzanne seemed a bit taken back by the sudden refusal, and hung her head for a moment before Abigail put her hands on her shoulder. “Hey, don’t worry about it. There must be somewhere else we can go, huh?”

Suzanne considered a moment, then pointedly came to a revelation. “You’re right! I have a few friends that hang out at the lounge in Oasis Springs. It’s a drive away, but not too far really.” She shrugged her shoulders and looked at the clock with a smile. “I think the night is over, but maybe we can try again tomorrow?”

Abigail gave a pause of reflection before offering a nod of approval. The ladies clinked their glasses of juice and lifted their glasses to toast the idea.

08-08-15_7-23 AM

She pointed off to a lounge where a few guys were sitting and watching sports on the television. “There they are. I know a couple of them. Huh.” Suzanne scoffed as Abigail walked up beside her. The men were hunched over on the sofa, swinging their hands wildly in a discussion of the latest sports on the television above their heads. She smiled just a little to herself and began to walk forward again confidently, her skirt sweeping around the exposed ankles.

Suzanne frowned. “What is it with men watching the television all the time?” Abigail laughed and retorted amusedly. “If they had public computers around here, they’d be on that more likely! Then there’s no getting through to them.” She elbowed Suzanne to cheer her friend up, then sashayed her hips towards the men on the couch.

“Hey, guys.” Abigail greeted with a smile and a wave, glancing over at the television. “Who’s winning?”

08-08-15_7-23 PM

“The llamas of course!” A man replied, motioning for her to come sit down. He gave her a playful smirk as she posed with a hand on her hip. “But you know, I think I’m winning a bit more than them right now. What’s your name?” He was decently handsome, his bright smile illuminating on his sun-tanned skin. Each of the men looked around to her and gave a wave indicating that she was welcome to join them, but the darker one kept his eyes trained on Abigail as though he were enamored with that silly smile plastered across his lips.

“I’m Abigail. Abigail Innis.” She cooed out with a purse of her lips, cheeks blushed as she sat down next to him. “What about you?” He held out a bowl of nacho chips for her, parting his lips to reply-

“GOAL!” Everyone yelled at the television in unison, chips showering the pair as the crowd of the lounge went wild. Abigail nearly jumped from her seat, twisting her grey gaze to look up at the celebration in the stadium on television. High fives were had all around! After picking off a few of the stray chips that had slipped into her shirt, she shook herself clean and glanced over her shoulder. Suzanne frowned deeply until they met their gazes, then she approached with a curl of her finger. “I’m heading out. Don’t get into too much trouble, huh?” She gave a motion of her head backwards towards the tan guy. Abigail gave a wave to dismiss the notion. “Of course not! It’s just a soccer game.” She replied innocently, then gave a small smile.

After returning to the couch, Abigail plopped down next to him and grabbed a bowl of nacho chips from the table. It wasn’t difficult to pick up on the conversation, continuing to chat with him about the game on the TV. Suzanne stared at them for a while, then walked out the door.

08-08-15_7-37 PM


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