Generation 1: Part 6

“And then! Th’ people were lookin’ at me all weird. And I was just like ‘Ya can’t be expectin’ to hold a bear like tha’ by the neck and all! Tha’ thin’ is a lo’ bigga than all y’all!’ Ya know?” Blarney took a breathe finally on the other side of the phone. It’d been at least half an hour since the last one, but it was short lived. Soon after, he continued with renewed vigor describing in painful detail the quests in Granite Falls.

08-21-15_11-17 AM

“Uh huh…” Abigail cringed as she sat up from the Corpse pose and dusted off her completely clean jogging pants. “Uh huh…” She repeated yet again, then gave a nod to nothing in particular with a half-interested smile. Her brow furrowed a little as she considered how much she enjoyed his company while she was in Granite Falls, but the trip was short lived after Suzanne had disappeared. “Hey, uh… listen…” she began slowly. Her gut wrenched, not wanting to hurt the man’s feelings, but she had to be honest with him.

“Hey, uh… listen…” she began slowly. Her gut wrenched, not wanting to hurt the man’s feelings, but she had to be honest with him.

“Oh hey! I’d stay and chat more, ya know… But I gotta go. My wife is surprisin’ me with a night fishin’! Ya take care now!” Click.

“Oh, o- wait, what?” Abigail frowned at the telephone in disbelief. She shoved her thumb on the button to close the call. The beep sounded just as relieved as she was that it was finally time for some quiet.  She set it aside on the small outdoor table and rolled up her yoga mat. The front yard had been shaping up nicely. The Sims that had come to plant the shrubbery had trimmed them just around a small alcove that allowed her the perfect place to meditate. Abigail tucked the mat under her armpit and took up her phone, silencing it for good measure before walking inside to take a shower.


Buzz buzz! The phone vibrated against the ceramic sink. Abigail gave a sigh as she picked it up. The text contained a single phrase: Blue Velvet

She scoffed and sat the phone face down once more. Did Suzanne really think she was going to go to hang out with her after she had abandoned her? No! Why would she do that? Abigail bitterly started scrubbing the dry tail against her soaked blonde locks roughly. Looking into her reflection, she frowned even deeper, eyes narrowing angrily.

Then she smiled a little. Her fingers wrapped around the towel tenderly, drawing it up comfortably under her chin. The misty steam clinging to the mirror slightly blurred the woman watching back at her, deep in thought behind the veil. Her grey eyes twinkled with a hint of mischievousness as the corners of her lips turned wryly upwards.

“You know what?” The lady in the mirror cooed sweetly to herself, the words purring with a seductive grin.”I think that sounds like a great idea.”

08-21-15_11-42 AM.png


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