Generation 1: Part 7

The bar was bustling. Abigail shifted her way sideways through the dancers, the dim light casting a red tinted hue across the room. Finally maneuvering to an empty table, she sat down and brushed off her pink skirt and denim jacket. If she was going to deal with Suzanne, she wanted to look good doing it. As she combed her fingers through her cornflower hair, her gaze dropped on a man with a cowboy hat on.

He was smiling back at her, seated alone with a drink in his hand. His facial features were pointed, smirking mischievously as though he had a few too much juice. Abigail couldn’t help but to smirk back at him and offer a flirtatious wave. He reciprocated, nursing his drink against the breast of his suit and tie.

Her gaze panned across the room, searching the area for that ugly green sweater. Her nose wrinkled just thinking about it. Something like that would stick out like a sore thumb. But she wasn’t here.

Of course, she wasn’t here! Abigail gave a frustrated huff and leaned back into the chair, her arms crossed. Why did she even bother to come? What had possessed her to even try?

Across the room, she spotted a guy. Didn’t she recognize him? Baseball cap, denim jacket, and swim trunks as shorts? Horrible fashion sense… but he smiled. Oh yeah, Ty Hewitt, from the lounge. Cheers for The Llamas, even though they didn’t play well this season.

Thoughts of Suzanne dissipated as she gave another small smile. He was looking right at her as well, his arms draped across another girl’s shoulder. He leaned to the side and picked up his right hand. Both thumb and pinkie fingers spread apart, resting against his earlobe and lips. ‘Call me’ he mouthed, then patted the girl he was with on the shoulder and began talking to her and her group of friends.

Abigail parted her lips, placing her hands against the table and readying to stand-

08-21-15_12-00 PM.png

“Why hello there, Missy.” The cowboy swooned, setting his drink on the table and stepping into the lady’s field of vision. For a minute, Abigail just turned her eyes up to him and stared with her mouth open. Her mind was blank. Wait, what was she doing?

“I didn’t mean to leave you speechless.” His long drawl played coyly on the words, then he nodded down to the table. “I’m hoping this seat isn’t taken?” That was a question. Abigail flustered quickly, stammering for her words again.

“Oh, I’m sorry! No, it isn’t! Hi! Hi, I’m Abigail.” She offered her hand forward, allowing him to sit down in front of her. Even with the suit and tie, the cowboy hat made the man look anything but professional. Abigail realized after a moment that she was staring at it, then nodded to him. “Nice… hat.”

Abigail mentally facepalmed herself for her stupidity. She didn’t want to listen to him talk about his hat. Why would she say that?!

But instead, he laughed. “Not really. But it really gets the customers interested in talking about business more than turning me down. Call it crazy, but I’m thinking it really is good luck.”

She gave a chuckle and relaxed a little. “What kind of business is that?” She bantered casually.

“Real estate! I’m selling lots up in NewCrest. Haven’t I see you around there?” He leaned in on his forearm with curiosity, peering at Abigail with a half juiced grin, his eyes glazed over with intoxication, and his breath reeked of bitter juice. “You know, I could show you the best places to knock boots in your neighborhood. No one would ev-”

“Here you are!”

08-21-15_12-01 PM.png

Abigail twisted around to look at the female voice. Suzanne stood behind her chair with her hands on her hips. “I’ve been looking all over for you, honey! Did you even tell him that you’re not interested in guys? I mean, really, you shouldn’t tease the drunk bastards.” Suzanne flamboyantly tossed a dismissive wave and turned her nose up. “Get out of here, man. Not interested. Shoo.”

Both of the women broke into laughter as the man grumbled, picked up his drink, and meandered off to the other side of the room. Abigail felt Suzanne pat her on the back before she stood up. She was quick to drop her smile, leaning forward with a heated whisper.

“What do you think you’re do-” She was interrupted by both scrawny pale arms wrapping around her shoulders and tugging her close.

“I’m so sorry! I really am! You have to know, I didn’t mean to leave you there.” Suzanne sobbed with wet sniffles into the crook of her neck. Abigail pulled away and settled herself within arms distance. The first thing she noticed, Suzanne wasn’t wearing that stupid green sweater. She was wearing an actual new plaid shirt with buttons. Orange… well, it kinda suited her.

“I hope you have a good explanation…” Abigail tried to frown, but she couldn’t, raising an eyebrow curiously to her friend in front of her.

“Well you see, I saw that guy, Ty… He was watching us. Made me wonder, you know, how long he’d been following us.” She leaned in closer to whisper with wide eyes. “I think he’s my stalker… I’m really scared, Abby.”

08-21-15_12-02 PM.png

Abigail grinned to herself. Probably more amused at the explanation than she intended to reveal. Pressing the side of her palm against her lips, she whispered back to Suzanne. “Don’t look right now, but he’s right… over… there…” Abigail gave a small point across the room. Then to Suzanne’s utter surprise, she waved nonchalantly.

“Oh no… I have to leave. Let’s get out of here.” Suzanne panicked, crossing her arms against her elbows and rubbing them tightly. “Please, let’s just go…”

Abigail shook her head, stepped away, and lightly tossed her hair over her shoulder. Sarcastically, she mused with a sinister purr. “Sorry, I can’t… I have a date to get to.”

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Generation 1: Part 6

“And then! Th’ people were lookin’ at me all weird. And I was just like ‘Ya can’t be expectin’ to hold a bear like tha’ by the neck and all! Tha’ thin’ is a lo’ bigga than all y’all!’ Ya know?” Blarney took a breathe finally on the other side of the phone. It’d been at least half an hour since the last one, but it was short lived. Soon after, he continued with renewed vigor describing in painful detail the quests in Granite Falls. Continue reading Generation 1: Part 6

Generation 1: Part 4

The day was warm, sun beating down on the blinding emerald grass that filled her mostly empty lot. The single tree offered shade over the front yard but not much, that left the doorstep a rather mundane location. Sweeping her sandals onto the mat, Abigail balanced the medium sized package against her hip to cradle the box into the curve of her waist. It was a juggle to manage the key free from her purse, but she managed. She wrestled the key into the door and twisted it, the lock unfastening with a quiet click.

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Generation 1: Part 2

Abigail watched as the large U-Hauls roared by. Lifting another cup of tea to her lips, she settled one ankle over the other, relaxed back comfortably into her lawn chair. An exhale escaped her lips as the chilled green tea with a touch of honey smoothly slip down her throat. Just down the street she could hear the whooping of a couple of children at the park and sometimes she would stroll on by to watch them so carefree. Her neighborhood was still very quaint but these children must have come across the bridge to enjoy the fresh air.

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